Welcome to the Eterna Exchange
Welcome to the Eterna Exchange
a free resource of spaced learning questions for the debt collection industry on compliance, best practices and procedures.

The Eterna Exchange is a community-supported library of test questions available at no cost to debt collection agencies who use Eterna. Owners, compliance officers and trainers of agencies can submit and retrieve questions via the Eterna Exchange for the purpose of building customized and effective Eterna testing programs. In today’s litigious society, compliance with federal or state regulations are increasingly becoming key to an agency’s success, and even survivability.

Learn.net, the company behind Eterna, is providing the Exchange to facilitate the training and testing of debt collectors in compliance, best practices, company policies and procedures, at no cost to the industry. The idea behind the Eterna Exchange is for agencies and industry insiders to share their expertise with their community by submitting, reviewing and editing test questions in return for an ever-expanding library of tests important to their business.


Submit new questions to the Exchange Library on compliance or industry best practices to support the debt collection industry at large.